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SC House Calls understands a person’s home is defined as where they reside, whether that is a Skilled Facility, Assisted Living, Independent Living, or private residence. SC House Calls can bridge the gap in care after a hospitalization, acute illness, or injury. In most cases, we will see the patient earlier and reduce their chances for re-hospitalization. Additionally, SC House Calls coordinates all healthcare services with the patient’s primary care physician until he/she can return to customarily scheduled office visits.

Your Healthcare Experience

Call the Telehealth Center at 1-800-491-09091-800-491-0909 to request an appointment.

Care team members collect your information to coordinate your transition of care and promote collaboration.

An SC House Calls' patient advocate will assist in entering information to complete your registration.

Once you are registered, our patient advocate will assist in scheduling a series of provider encounters at your convenience.

SC House Calls has the capability to offer telemedicine and in-person visits.

SC House Calls partners with lab and diagnostic services which can be performed in your home.

SC Home Rx can deliver your medications directly to your doorstep.

Visit summaries can be viewed/shared with all of your healthcare providers and loved ones via the Patient Portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SC House Calls is a network of over 250 Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Doctors who see patients in private residences, assisted living communities, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, or via Telemedicine throughout the state of South Carolina.

SC House Calls provides every service you would expect from a traditional doctor’s office visit directly to the patient in their home. Patients can choose to see a medical professional in person or via telemedicine. Services provided by SC House Calls include personalized care plans, medication management, the ordering of tests, labs, and specialist referrals, follow-up appointments, remote patient monitoring, and much more.

You no longer have the inconvenience of driving or arranging transportation to wait to see a doctor. Our medical providers see you in the comfort of your home. Also, our patients have 24/7 access to our Center for Telehealth, where they can talk with a medical professional from anywhere. You will love our hassle-free billing solution for Medicare/Medicaid and most private insurance companies. The future of medicine is here today, and SC House Calls your perfect partner.

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