Home Medical Care

Our NPs will assess and order medication and labs as necessary and will send summaries of their visits directly to the patient’s primary care providers


Telehealth is the perfect way to receive non-emergency medical care at home and to avoid the inconvenience and discomfort of a trip to a doctor’s office, urgent care, or a hospital.

Prescription Delivery

while working to maximize cost and time savings, we have focused on improving safety and access to clinical pharmacists and medications.

We understand a person’s home is defined as where they reside. SC House Calls can bridge the gap in care. Whether an acute illness, hospitalization or injury, we will see the patient earlier. Additionally, SC House Calls coordinates care with the patient’s primary care physician.


Providers work in collaboration with the skilled facility, assisted living staff to strengthen the practitioner-patient relationship and improve the overall wellness of residents.

SC House calls model provides 100 doctors and nurse practitioners to see patients wherever they call HOME. We staff a 24/7 Center for Telehealth with professional medical personnel and deliver home-based palliative and primary care directly to the patient.

2018 Fast Facts

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