Nurse providing family with high-quality care

SC House Calls utilizes a team of dedicated providers to support consistent, high-quality care to residents, families, and facility staff. We work beside skilled nursing facilities collaborating on all care and approaches. Furthermore, we work to reduce and eliminate unnecessary hospital admissions. The SC House Calls team is here to serve as clinical care partners for your skilled nursing facility.

Why YOU need SC House calls…

As Medicare (CMS) continues to move to value-based pricing, nursing homes are penalized for high expenses during a 90-day episode.   Unfortunately, various bundled payments based on different start times for the beginning of the incident; some begin at hospitalization, others at SNF admissions and others are post-institutionalization.

At SC House Calls, we follow the patient through the hospital discharge, nursing home placement, and back to their home.  By continuing to support the patient for at least 90 days after they return home or 30 days post discharge from home health we have seen a drastic reduction in the re-hospitalization of the patients.

Our studies have discovered there is a direct correlation with the number of days the skilled facility has provider coverage, the number of times patient seen and re-hospitalizations.  Our model allocates a provider in the building seven days a week, and provider schedules are based on patient health needs. A provider may be in the building all day, half a day, or just a few hours each day.

Our model for Providers in a skilled nursing home :

  • Nurse Practitioner (NP) is in the building seven days a week.
  • New patients are seen an additional six times during the initial first week or two of care to establish a good baseline and full understanding of all of the diagnosis.
  • Patient visits, based on need, are seen an average of 1 time per week.
  • 24/7 Call Center staffed by nurses and Nurse Practitioners working and ready to triage, assess, and write clinical orders needed.
  • E-visits. Providers can provide electronic telemedicine visits through our secure app.
  • SC House Calls follows patients another 90 days in the HOME once discharged.
  • Monitor patients based on their Risk Assessment Scores

So, contact SC House Calls to discuss all the ways that our services can upgrade all you for your skilled facility.