Resident of an assisted living facility being helped by a nurse

Why SC House Calls?

SC House Calls is committed to having a provider in your assisted living building three times per week to prevent unwanted traumas that result in a hospitalization. We have a large group of Providers to allow us to cover patient visits 365 days a year. Nearly 60% of patients sent to the hospital from an assisted living will not return to their home. Avoiding the crisis will result in a higher quality of life for the patient and a longer length of stay for the patient as well as a higher census for the facility.

 Our Philosophy and Principles of Care are all based on pro-active medicine.  We believe that by pro-actively consulting, reviewing, and screening patients, we can prevent many of the health concerns they will experience.  As an example: by monitoring a patient’s weight on each visit and then tracking their blood stats, we can accurately predict a patient who may retain fluids and be likely to fall.

Medicare (CMS) believes that an older adult’s visits to the provider should more likely result in a reduction in medication than an increase in the medicine.   Only 50% of physician visits should result in an order. If you are receiving a change in prescriptions every time you see the physician, then you are not seeing them often enough to prevent significant suffering.

We provide:

  • We will schedule our NP to be in your facility three days weekly to see patients.
  • Monitor patient visits based on their risk assessment scores.
  • Remove unnecessary medications, saving the patient other physical trauma, and unwanted expenses.
  • Professional review of charts and assessments to assure the best care.
  • 24/7 call center staffed by nurses and Nurse Practitioners who are working and ready to triage, assess, and write clinical orders as needed.
  • Palliative care specific assessments by a provider who is palliative care certified.
  • Psychiatric and psychological assessments.

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