physician and nurse practitioner service

SC House Calls physicians are your care innovators providing medical oversight for skilled nursing. Our physicians will be your attending physicians and nurse practitioners, working within the model for rehabilitation and long-term care. Our team will customize the schedule to meet your residents needs as a skilled facility. We ensure your vision and our services align with value-based care delivery. SC House Calls provides successful customer-centric partnerships that are based on trust and flexibility throughout South Carolina.

Benefits for Peace-of-Mind of Both Residents & Family:

On-Site Services

  • Hassle-free visits eliminate extensive waiting.
  • Avoid family members’ time away from work for off-site transportation.

Patient-Centered Care

  • Customized Care Plans
  • Coordination of care with your specialists.
  • Consistent communication with facility staff to support more comprehensive care.

Easy Billing

  • Full billing services for Medicare and most private insurances.
  • No additional costs, other than customary deductibles and copays.

Pro-Active Medicine

  • More Frequent Visits = Better Health Management = Less Hospitalization
  • Take advantage of Medicare’s new Chronic Care Management program.

Value-Added Services

  • Call Coverage 24/7
  • Patient Portal allows patient and family to conveniently monitor care from any computer, anywhere, anytime.

Get in contact with our team to learn more about our Physician Services.