Providing Proactive Care

Assisted Living Facility (ALF)

SC House Calls is committed to having a provider in your assisted living building three times per week to prevent unwanted traumas that result in a hospitalization. We have a large group of Providers to allow us to cover patient visits 365 days a year. Nearly 60% of patients sent to the hospital from an assisted living will not return to their home. Avoiding the crisis will result in a higher quality of life for the patient and a longer length of stay for the patient as well as a higher census for the facility.

Our Philosophy and Principles of Care are all based on pro-active medicine. We believe that by pro-actively consulting, reviewing, and screening patients, we can prevent many of the health concerns they will experience. As an example: by monitoring a patient’s weight on each visit and then tracking their blood stats, we can accurately predict a patient who may retain fluids and be likely to fall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are covered?

• Any service provided in a regular Doctor's office visit can be administered in an Assisted Living setting. SCHC partners with mobile lab and mobile x-ray services when required.

Are there trip fees associated with my visit?

SC House Calls does not charge trip fees to see patients in Assisted Living Communities. Insurance for the provider's service is billed the same as a regular office visit, with the patient responsible for their normal co-pay

How do I communicate with my provider?

Patients can reach their provider through our 24-7 Center for Telemedicine or, if registered, by sending a secure message through the Patient Portal.

Can my family have access to my medical records?

You can authorize a family member to have access to your physical medical records, or they could additionally be registered through the Patient Portal, where a digital version would be available.

How do I become a patient

To become an SCHC patient, contact the Center for Telehealth by calling 1-800-491-0909 and register as a new patient.

Does my insurance cover your services?

As a courtesy to our patients, SC House Calls will submit claims to your primary and secondary insurance providers on your behalf. However, the primary responsibility for the account is yours. Please remember to bring your most recent insurance card to your next appointment. Companies not listed will require you to pay for your visit prior to seeing our medical provider. To maximize your health insurance benefits, please contact your insurance company’s customer service department for policy and benefits verification. Also, to ensure that our provider is listed as your PCP. The customer service phone number should be located on the back of your health insurance card.

Do we accept Advicare, GHI or out-of-state Medicaid?

No. We do not accept Advicare, GHI or out-of-state Medicaid

What does SC House Calls accept?

Absolute Total Care, Aetna, BCBS (ALL PLANS), Cigna (formerly Great West Healthcare), Cigna West (Agape Senior Employees), Coventry, Choice Care, Humana/Humana Choice, Medcost, Medicare, Medicaid – SC, Medicare RAILROAD, MOLINA, Select Health/First Choice Medicaid, United Healthcare Community Plan (ALL PLANS), WellCare, WellPath, For prior authorizations, please contact 1.888.559.1010 or 1.888.588.9842.


“Our providers do not write prescriptions for narcotics for chronic pain. Mental and behavioral health options are available for patients 18 and older. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1.”