Our hospital collaboration program offers in-home care to ensure recently discharged patients receive the level of care necessary for optimal post-hospital results. Our team works in close collaboration with South Carolina hospitals to help decrease readmission rates and overall cost of care. This Hospital Collaboration program focuses on providing a personalized approach to managing each patient’s experience, therefore giving patients and partners better results.

Beyond the Hospital

25,000 patients choose SC House Calls

SC House Calls (SCHC) has been successful in reducing re-hospitalization in several hospitals throughout the state.  On average, we have reduced readmission rates from 25% down between 5% -7% within 30 days of discharge from Hospitals, SNF, or Home Health.

Our 24-hour Center for Telehealth is staffed and working with over 50 employees, including Nurse Practitioners working nightly ready to take calls and review patient records. We assess in the hospital before discharge so patients can use our Center for Telehealth from the start.

  • Nurse Practitioners generally see a patient within 48-72 hours upon discharge. 
  • Nurse Practitioners work 12-hour schedules and provide care seven days a week to meet the needs of patients and families.
  • Provide a minimum of one/two Hospital Navigators to be responsible for meeting with patients and families. The collaboration of care going home to include coordination with pharmacy and home health agencies to assure a safe discharge.
  • SCHC will follow the patient for 90 days beyond discharge from the hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF).
  • SCHC will follow for a minimum of 30 days from post-discharge from home health.
  • SCHC offers a choice of providers and partners with all Home health and Hospices Agencies in South Carolina.

How We Bill

  • SC House Calls (SCHC) bills Medicare Part B and most major insurance plans and contracts for Med A billing through Agape Hospice for their patients.
  • We Do Not bill transitional care management or Chronic care management codes. The patient’s Primary Care Physician (PCP) can bill.
  • SCHC coordinates visit summaries with the PCP, which does not conflict in billing.

If you are interested in our Hospital Collaboration program, contact us.

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