South Carolina & Georgia House Calls Select Tesla for New Fleet

                                Many environmental problems have elements of irreversibility to various degrees. Due to excessive dependence on fossil fuels and massive deforestation, greenhouse gases negatively impact Earth’s climate and increase global temperatures. These climate changes may manifest by drought, flood, hurricanes, rising sea levels, stronger storms, and wildfires. These occurrences disrupt our ecosystems’ natural balance. If we do not commit to clean energy sources and being green, the damage caused by humanity may be irrevocable by 2050.

Out of a desire to reduce South Carolina & Georgia House Calls (SC & GA HC) “Carbon Footprint” and protect our environment by leading the way in sustainable practices. Scott Middleton, the Founder, decided to begin transitioning to an all-electric Tesla fleet. Tesla leads the electric car industry in innovation, production, and safety. 

The Tesla Model S is one of the few cars that achieved a 5-star safety rating from the Euro New Car Assessment Program and the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Every Tesla purchased by SC & GA HC is equipped with multiple safety features, including precise handling, excellent braking, and drivers’ assistance or autopilot.

Although initially, Tesla is more expensive, the savings in fuel and oil changes realized over gas-powered vehicles make the Tesla budget neutral over time. It is virtually maintenance-free except for rotating the tires. Ninety percent of the battery can be recycled, and even after its usable life in a Tesla, batteries can be used for energy storage for another decade or two. 

Electricity costs can also be reduced by recharging a Tesla at night during non-peak hours. Recharging the batteries of a Tesla at home requires an electrical connection with similar power requirements to a standard clothes dryer.

Although the Tesla has unmatched acceleration and torque, an elegant exterior, a spacious interior, and one of the best displays in quality, touch sensitivity, and user interface, Scott Middleton particularly appreciates the storage in the front trunk or “Frunk.” 

Theresa Younis
Director of Clinical Processes

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