Oh my Gosh, I’m going to have to take Dad to the Emergency Room!”

Last Sunday afternoon, 67-year-old Joe was working in his garden with his wife, Diane. Joe is highly allergic to bees and always takes the necessary precautions, until Sunday, when a bee stung him on the hand. Diane immediately called her daughter, Beth, who’s a nurse. Panicking, she said, “Beth! Your father was just stung, and I can’t find his EpiPen – he needs to go to the hospital now!” Beth replied, “At his age and with his preexisting conditions, he’s more likely to catch a contagious virus there!” Beth continued, “I know what to do! I’m going to call SC House Calls physicians group. They have a 24/7 Call Center!” Within minutes, an SC House Calls physician called Diane and had a live video conference with Joe. The physician was able to see his red rash developing and hear the shortness in his breath. She quickly sent an order for an EpiPen to the nearest pharmacy where Diane picked up 5min later. Within minutes of the initial bee sting, Joe had his EpiPen and stayed out of the ER. Right now, hospitals are filled with COVID-19 patients, making it even more likely to contract a dangerous virus. Our job at SC House Calls is to keep our patients safe and out of hospitals. With over 200 practitioners state-wide who can come to your home and perform Telehealth visits over the phone, we’re the leading healthcare provider for senior adults in South Carolina.