National Pharmacist Day Recognizes the Role of the Pharmacist in Healthcare

                                January 12 is National Pharmacist Day, and the perfect time to give these dedicated medical professionals a shout-out. Use #NationalPharmacistDay and post a photo and kind words about your favorite pharmacist or pharmacy to show your appreciation.
The pharmacist's role has evolved over the years from dispensing medications and advice to a fully integrated member of the healthcare team. The pharmacists at South Carolina & Georga House Calls (SC & GA HS) now spend most of their time performing telehealth visits with patients. In addition to patient visits, they are also available 24-7 to answer medication inquiries from the providers.
The pharmacist role in healthcare delivery changed because of the severe consequences of medication non-adherence, a leading cause of hospitalizations and hospital re-admissions in the US. The pharmacist consultations in collaboration with the SC & GA HC primary care providers mitigate a patient's risk of unnecessary complications. Medication reconciliation, polypharmacy evaluation, and medication de-prescribing are essential components of a South Carolina & Georgia House Calls consult.
SC House Calls & GA House Calls is a network of over 250 medical professionals providing In-home medical house calls and Telehealth visits to Private Residences, Assisted Living Communities, and Skilled Nursing Facilities. SC House Calls serves all 46 Counties of South Carolina. New patient registration, appointments, and 24-7 access to medical professionals is available through its Center for Telehealth @ 800-491-0909