Medical Partnerships Provide Lifeline During Evacuations

                                Watching hurricane Ian this week as it approached Florida, I was reminded of the difficult task assisted living communities (ALF) and skilled nursing facilities (SNF) face when having to evacuate their residents. With the complicated logistics and physical hardship of moving residents into unfamiliar accommodations, there is also the consideration of how to provide for their ongoing medical needs, including medication management during the evacuation.

Partnering with an in-home medical provider with a statewide reach can alleviate the problems associated with meeting a resident's healthcare needs during an evacuation. 

South Carolina & Georgia House Calls (SC & GA HC) partners with hundreds of ALFs and SNFs throughout its region by providing in-home and telehealth services for their residents. During an evacuation, the residents can be temporarily reassigned to a provider in the new location and utilizing electronic medical records (EMR), the new provider can access each patient's updated medical information allowing for continuity of care.

In addition to its community-based care, SC & GA HC sees many elderly patients in rural settings where transportation and mobility issues can severely limit a patient's ability to evacuate. In these situations, frontline providers have the resources of an in-house social work team who, by working with local authorities, can determine what additional resources and services are required to keep those vulnerable patients safe.  

SC House Calls & GA House Calls is a network of over 250 medical professionals providing In-home medical house calls and Telehealth visits to Private Residences, Assisted Living Communities, and Skilled Nursing Facilities. SC House Calls serves all 46 Counties of South Carolina. New patient registration, appointments, and 24-7 access to medical professionals are available through its Center for Telehealth @ 800-491-0909