Meet Kim Hall, South Carolina House Calls Employee Spotlight

                                Some kids who grow up poor and disadvantaged try to distance themselves from their former lives as adults. Kim Hall, a Patient Care Coordinator for South Carolina House Calls (SCHC), saw her childhood adversity as an opportunity to help others. "I don't like seeing people deprived of necessities; I became a social worker because I like helping the underdog to feel empowered. If I can even the playing field just a little and find a way to bring a better quality of life to my patients, I feel like I have done my job." Stated Kim.
Kim spends her days talking with patients through telehealth appointments in the Midlands and across South Carolina. She loves the advantage of being stationary because she can address so many more patient issues than she could ever do in person. Kim also loves the large team of professionals SCHC has assembled that she can consult at any time to make the best-informed decision for her patients.
One of the areas that SCHC social workers specialize in is having Advanced care planning conversations with their patients. According to Kim, these critical conversations tend to evolve, and keeping the lines of communication open is the best way to ensure each patient's wishes are honored.
Even though Kim loves her job and the people she serves, it will be being a mom if you ask her about the greatest job she ever had. Kim has two grown children, her son Grant, a veteran of the Afghanistan war, and her daughter Randi, a teacher who loves playing saxophone. 
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