Four Ways SC Home Rx Simplifies Pharmacy

                                Life is busy; why wait for your prescriptions when they can be delivered right to your door? Simplifying pharmacy services through the successful implementation of technology and automation is one of the main goals of SC Home Rx. Below are four ways SC Home Rx improves its patient's pharmacy experience.
1.	 Packaging and Dispensing:
SC Home Rx uses SynMed Ultra, a state-of-the-art technology that virtually eliminates human error while delivering patients' medications in several convenient formats, including multi medication blister packs in various customizable configurations.

2.	Home Dispensing Technology: 
Livi technologies, an automated home dispensing system available through SC Home Rx, improve medication adherence and reduces hospitalizations. The technology uses visual and audio reminders and an online component that detects missed doses and alerts caregivers. The Livi machine handles a 90-day supply of 15 different medications and dispenses each. 

3.	Synchronization of Medications:
SC Home Rx sets each of its patients up for home delivery with automatic cycle refills, allowing them to receive all their medications simultaneously once a month. 

4.	Pharmacy Consults:
The pharmacist team working in collaboration with South Carolina House Calls or other primary care providers helps mitigate medication non-adherence. A pharmacy consult includes medication reconciliation, polypharmacy evaluation, de-prescribing, and patient education about current medications. The consultations can often lead to patient savings if unnecessary drugs can be eliminated. 

SC Home Rx gives you peace of mind with medication management. We make medication management 
as convenient as possible with our core service of home medication delivery. 803-454-0194