Four Ways SC Home Rx Improves Pharmacy

                                A few days ago, Jamie Preston, the host of the LTC University Podcast, sat down with Dr. Sharon Jones, the manager of SC Home RX, to talk about how the pharmacy simplifies medication management for their patients. Listen to the entire conversation here. Below are four essential takeaways from the podcast.
1.	An array of Services:
SC Home RX is a closed-door mail-order pharmacy that offers customized programs to help assisted living communities, hospice houses, and other facilities with medication management. SC Home RX partners with SC House Calls and Main Street Physicians and provides the primary care practitioner unprecedented access to collaborate through Athena for medication-related questions.
2.	Technology:
SC Home RX  has substantially improved its efficiency with the adoption of SynMed technology. The automation the technology provides, In addition to cutting the time to dispense, also gives patients several packaging options that help improve medication adherence. The patient has no extra cost for these improved monthly or weekly pill planner options. Watch SynMed technology in action
3.	Simplify:
SC Home RX direct ships all medication to wherever the patient resides. This convenience at no extra cost saves time for the patient or caregiver in not having to visit a physical pharmacy and is a considerable advantage for elderly patients who may struggle with mobility or transportation issues. 
4.	Employee Benefits:
SC Home RX is a preferred provider for employees working for any of the companies under the LTC management umbrella. This valuable benefit includes a  $9.00 generic and $19.00 brand-name drug plan with a 30-day autofill that significantly reduces drug costs for an employee. 

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