Four Ways Patients Benefit from Regular Healthcare Visits

                                People hire personal trainers to reach their fitness goals and to be held accountable for doing the work, and executives hire coaches to help them meet the goals they have set for their companies. South Carolina & Georgia House Calls (SC & GA HC) believes these same principles apply to patients setting healthcare goals, especially those suffering from chronic illnesses or struggling to make healthier lifestyle choices. 

1.	Staying the Course:
Change can be difficult, especially for older adults, and patients become overwhelmed. Regularly seeing a provider helps reinforce progress and provides the encouragement a patient needs to continue on a healthier path. 

2.	Continuity of care:
A patient care plan based on a complete assessment could include several courses of action involving one or more specialty services. SC & GA HC encompasses multiple specialty services within their group, allowing for the delivery of coordinated care that addresses the complete patient.

3.	Prevention:
Technology has provided new tools for practicing proactive medicine. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) measures daily oxygen saturation, weight, blood pressure, and pulse. The program focuses on specific chronic diseases, including congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and diabetes. With RPM, clinicians have a daily window into a patient's vitals, allowing for quicker intervention if changes occur. 

4.	Relationship:
Studies have shown that patient-provider relationships significantly impact the positive results of healthcare delivery. Patients who are actively involved with their care and where decisions about their care are a collaborative process typically experience improved outcomes.

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