January Employee Spotlight

                                Meet SC House Calls Nurse Practitioner Ijan House. 

Ijan House, FNP SC House Calls, received a BSN from the University of South Carolina, an MSN from South University, and an FNP Certification in 2012 from the University of South Carolina. Ijan began her medical career at South Carolina Oncology Association (SCOA) in Columbia and worked as an RN from 2001 to 2012 for the infusion department. After obtaining her certification, Ijan additionally worked as an FNP for SCOA from 2013 to 2018. In 2019, Ijan joined SC House Calls, where she began practicing family medicine within patients' homes. 

In 2020 Ijan switched to an exclusive telehealth role for SC House Calls and now works a 12-hour seven day on seven days off schedule. On an average day, Ijan will visit via computer, iPad, smartphone, or audio phone 13 to 18 patients remotely. Since many of her patients tend to skew older, family members, neighbors, or even a home health caregiver may assist on the patient's end of the visit. 

Ijan, who initially had reservations about telehealth's effectiveness, converted through experience, is now a vigorous advocate for the service. Ijan stated, "SC House Calls gives me the opportunity and autonomy to improve people's lives, especially the underserved who would not otherwise have access to a medical provider. Our telehealth service's ability to offer healthcare consistently combined with Remote Patient Monitoring technology is life-changing for many patients suffering from chronic conditions." 

Ijan, in her free time, loves spending time with her family, husband, and especially her three grandsons. She spends time keeping up and reading about the latest medical advances and is especially interested in developing and distributing the COVID 19 vaccine. For activities, she enjoys riding her bike, old fashion push scooters, and singing in church.