Eight Ways to Optimize Your Healthcare with Your Provider

                                Medical care is not a one-way street. Patients involved in their care who view the patient-caregiver relationship as a partnership will often experience better outcomes. Here are eight things patients can do to ensure the best result when seeing their provider.

1.	Have an honest conversation; if something is bothering you, it could be critical information the provider requires for formulating a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan, even if it is embarrassing.
2.	Be prepared for your appointment. Try to have all your medicines and pertinent records in one place. This step will allow for a better overall assessment of your current health.
3.	Take advantage of annual wellness exams; most insurance companies, including Medicare, see these exams as necessary and pay 100% of the costs.
4.	Inform your provider of any changes you have experienced in your health and any test results you may have been given when seeing a specialist. Don't assume your provider has the information.
5.	Write down your concerns before your appointment; this will help you remember everything you would like to discuss.
6.	Follow your provider's instructions, especially regarding proper dosages and frequencies of any prescribed medications. 
7.	Make healthy lifestyle choices like exercise, maintaining a balanced diet, and getting the proper amount of sleep. The best way to prevent disease or exacerbating existing conditions is through prevention. 
8.	Knowledge is power, and studies show that patients who have a better understanding of their health issues, are better positioned to affect changes. Ask questions. If there is something you don't understand, ask the provider to explain it in layman's terms.

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