Action Kit Gives Practitioners Useful Tool for Providing In-Home Care

                                With a broad array of commonly prescribed medications, action kits are now carried by South Carolina & Georgia House Calls Nurse Practitioners (SC & Ga HC). This proactive step is similar to a clinical visit where a doctor prescribes a medication and then gives the patient a starter supply until the prescription can be filled.  


Brooke Howard, NP, Grand Strand with SCHC, stated, “We see a lot of patients with chronic diseases, and the kit has already helped two of my patients avoid an almost certain hospitalization.  


Patients with chronic conditions can get distressed through medication non-adherence or when other illnesses like COVID 19  exacerbate underlying diseases. The immediacy of the treatment available through utilizing an action kit can halt a downward spiral, stabilize the patient, and start them on the road to recovery. Having access to the action kit and the resource of staff pharmacists who can consult in real-time gives SC & Ga HC providers the ability to develop comprehensive treatment plans on-site. 


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