Telehealth Offers New Opportunities for Medical Assistants

SC House Calls (SCHC) have aggressive plans to expand the number of Medical Assistants (MAs) and their role in telehealth and in-home care market. According to Frost & Sullivan, a leader in information and growth consulting, telehealth services are projected to see a sevenfold increase in the next five years, equating to an annual growth rate of 38.2%. The SCHC model of providing proactive in-home and telehealth care seeks better patient outcomes and reduced hospitalizations. The MA position is a critical component in meeting new growth challenges. A few of the MA duties include creating efficient call flow processes, scribe duties for charting, assisting Nurse Practitioners during home visits and prompting providers when test and lab results are ready to be reviewed. Will Stillinger, SCHC COO, stated that "The MA role within the SCHC model is unlike being in a standard doctor's office. Our vision is to hire qualified MAs who will work at the high end of their certification to help our nearly 300 medical practitioners concentrate solely on patient care. There are many different paths and opportunities within SCHC where motivated individuals have an opportunity to advance and grow." SC House Calls is a network of nearly 300 medical professionals providing In-home medical house calls and Telehealth visits to Private Residences, Assisted Living Communities, and Skilled Nursing Facilities. SC House Calls serves all 46 Counties of South Carolina. New patient registration, appointments, and 24-7 access to medical professionals is available through its Center for Telehealth @ 800-491-0909

Frost & Sullivan