National Hydration Day

                                Every June 23, in the United States, is National Hydration Day (NHD). Unfortunately, proper hydration is often overlooked as one way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially among our senior population. Celebrating NHD in the healthcare industry is a great way to raise awareness and educate patients about the detrimental effects of dehydration and some of the simple ways to avoid it.

•	Some of the tips recommended by experts are to set reminders to hydrate throughout the day regularly. If you lean a bit more tech-savvy and have access to a smartphone, there are plenty of apps like Hydro Coach or Water Minder that will help you stay on track.

•	Reminding loved ones each day of the importance of drinking water is another way to encourage the healthy habit of staying hydrated.

•	Many people are bored by the taste of water, and it is not something they automatically desire when thirsty. However, getting creative and using healthy ingredients to spice it up with mint or fruit slices can help. Adding natural flavorings makes the water more enjoyable to drink, and the colorful ingredients look attractive and encourage consumption.

•	According to an article titled "7 Tips to Help Patients Avoid Dehydration," elderly adults face a greater risk of dehydration because total body water decreases with age (from 60% to 52% in men) and 52% to 46% women). With less water to lose, a senior adult can get into trouble with dehydration faster, and certain medications can further exasperate conditions.

South Carolina House Calls has an excellent opportunity to access conditions within their patients' homes and educate them about the ways to prevent dehydration. NHD is a reminder for all of us to pay attention to the signals our bodies are sending and to partake in the simple life-giving qualities of water.

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