Six Quality Measures used in Value-Based Care

                                According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, six measures are used to evaluate the delivery of value-based healthcare – safe, effective, timely, efficient, equitable, and patient-centered. Insurance companies and providers agree to a combination of these measures in determining a quality score for their patients. The proactive nature of value-based care focuses the provider’s resources and energy on the most important aspect of healthcare, outcomes.

1.	Safe:
Preventable infections and preventable hospitalizations are the main metrics considered for patient safety.

2.	Effective:
This measurement is commonly tied to hospital readmission rates. Patients receiving care in a hospital and who receive comprehensive, coordinated care after discharge statistically have a lower readmission rate.

3.	Efficient:
The efficiency measurement is more closely related to the fee-for-service model in that it measures the appropriateness of care provided and whether that care was effective. For example, was the provider able to regulate a patient’s diabetic symptoms? 

4.	Timely:
Capturing the timely delivery of healthcare services for individual patients is a complicated process. The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey asks patients about their experiences relating to the timely delivery of care. Results of these surveys are captured in Medicare Star Reports.

5.	Equitable:
If a provider is performing preventive screening in a rewards-based system, the delivery of those screenings should be equitable across their various demographic patient groups.

6.	Patient-Centered:
The patient-centered care measurement can be based on the patient’s perception of healthcare delivery from their provider and health care plan. This information is usually collected through patient surveys.

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