10 Specialty Medical Services Provided by South Carolina & Georgia House Calls

                                # 6 Diabetes Specialty:

According to a 2020 CDC report, 34.2 million people of all ages, or 10.5% of the US population, have diabetes. South Carolina & Georgia House calls have dedicated specialists continually reviewing and monitoring diabetic patients under their care. The providers focus on hemoglobin screening and monitoring patients with recent severe/active complications such as non-healing wounds, renal failure, stroke, or heart attack. In addition, nurse practitioners, with the aid of a registered dietician, help patients understand the critical role that diet plays and how to incorporate smart nutritional choices into their daily lives.

SC House Calls is a network of nearly 250 medical professionals providing In-home medical house calls and Telehealth visits to Private Residences, Assisted Living Communities, and Skilled Nursing Facilities. SC House Calls serves all 46 Counties of South Carolina. New patient registration, appointments, and 
24-7 access to medical professionals is available through its Center for Telehealth @ 800-491-0909