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Patient Care Coordinators

In essence, the PCC now acts as a liaison or bridge by providing patients access to this more specialized care through Telehealth. Telehealth has become an excellent vehicle for putting medical specialists inside a patient's room without the prohibited time constraints associated with being physically present. Unfortunately, the concept and reality, especially for the senior population, are hampered by the technological challenges related to the service. SCHC, with the help of the PCC, bridges this technological gap by providing the access the patient requires. On a typical call, a PCC coordinating with a specialist facilitates the call onsite at the pre-scheduled time by connecting the patient, caregiver, and provider for the virtual visit. The caregiver now has the advantage of being involved with their loved ones' care from anywhere in the world. The provider can see and help more patients in a day. The patient's challenges of leaving the community for a traditional office visit are alleviated. SCHC currently facilitates pharmacy consults, phycological assessments, advanced care planning, and social work visits through Telehealth. Additional specialty patient requirements can also be addressed using the PCC model.

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Patient Centered Health Care

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Proactive Model

Our proactive health care model prevents and reduces unnecessary hospitalizations and rehospitalizations

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Increase compliance with certifications and recertifications


24/7 Telehealth center provides access to medical professionals around the clock to assist in customer/family member/staff needs

Medical Team

Our Care Team member process promotes collaboration and interoperability among organizations and professionals to drive quality health care.

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