Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility

Inpatient Setting

Unlike a traditional nursing home where a medical provider is onsite 1-2 times a week, SCHC provides a combination of MDs and NP’s daily. We have a track schedule that will give you seven days a week onsite coverage. The Np’s can physically access the need of the patient within 24 hours of admission. Patient visits are based on a RISK model, thus making SCHC the experts in proactive medicine and helping you identify the sickest patients who will need the most support while supporting your low-risk patients to return home.

Our goal is to prevent hospital readmissions, be proactive with patient care, and identify symptoms before resulting in emergency medical care outside the facility. This unique RISK model allows SCHC to anticipate a patient’s potential decline before the event occurs, saving thousands of dollars in hospitalizations, strong facility-hospital relationships, and exceptional patient outcomes.

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Patient Centered Health Care

What are the benefits?

Proactive Model

Our proactive health care model prevents and reduces unnecessary hospitalizations and rehospitalizations

Medication Consults

Expansive medical professional team including Pharmacist to provide medication reconciliations and pharmacy consults.


Our telehealth center and Health Service Navigators will assist your Case Management /Discharge Planning Team to ensure your patients have a safe discharge.

Medical Team

Our Care Team member process promotes collaboration and interoperability among organizations and professionals to drive quality health care.

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