Coordination of Care


What is the number one reason for a hospice patient to sign a revocation? The lack of “white coat.” SCHC specializes in delivering the “white coat” to your patient’s home. SCHC specializes in hospice and palliative care nurse practitioners as part of the interdisciplinary team. Studies show families are more trusting with end-of-life transitions and confidence in their loved one’s medical care with physical touch and education of a provider. Traditional hospice companies employ registered nurses for patient assessment and only collaborate with a medical practitioner (via phone). There is no cost to any hospice company or family when contracted with SCHC, with a simple contract our services are billed through MCR A. SCHC will certify hospice eligibility, progress advanced care directives and have on call 24/7. Overall, our company will decrease revocations, reduce hospitalizations, and increase overall hospice patient experiences.

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Patient Centered Health Care

What are the benefits?

Proactive Model

Our proactive health care model prevents and reduces unnecessary hospitalizations and rehospitalizations.


decrease unnecessary hospitalizations


24/7 Telehealth center provides access to medical professionals around the clock to assist in customer/family member/staff needs

Medical Team

Network of specialist to assist patient's acute and chronic disease needs.

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