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Assisted Living

SC House Calls currently employs over 10 licensed assisted living administrators. We understand the struggles with compliance and keeping families happy. SC House Calls has the flexibility to join the family when they are ready for change. We can provide MCR annual wellness visits, acute visits, or your resident can transition to us for all their medical care. In our practice, the care is centered around the patient and where they live. Extended services are available to your residents and families within the walls of your establishment. Accidents and injuries don’t occur from 9-5; with the option for a mobile x-ray, lab company, and 24/7 available telehealth center, we can continue to provide care long after most physician offices close.

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What are the benefits?

Proactive Model

Increased length of stay by providing a proactive model of medicine as well as preventing unnecessary hospitalizations and rehospitalizations.

Professional Team

Expansive medical professional team including Pharmacist to provide medication reconciliations and pharmacy consults.

Patient Portal

Patient portal increases communication between our medical team and your resident's family members/loved ones


24/7 Telehealth center provides access to medical professionals around the clock to assist in resident/family member/staff needs

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