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5 Advantages of Having Specialized Clinicians at Your Skilled Nursing Facility

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Patients in skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities are often those with the most complex medical needs. Therefore, they can benefit
most from readily available professional care. If your skilled nursing facility (SNF) regularly has specialized physicians, nurse practitioners, or
other skilled clinicians on site, it can provide significant benefits to patient’s families.

These are five of the most common benefits of having specialized clinicians on site:

1.Less Re-Hospitalization

Multiple studies indicate patients are less likely to require re-hospitalization when care by providers is consistently available at the skilled nursing
facility. Patients receive better overall care and often have better outcomes because providers at an SNF see them frequently and consistently. On
average, providers should see a patient 1-2 times per month, however, when patient first arrives, the visits should be more frequent, 2-3 times per

2.Continuity of Care
Providers develop personal relationships with their patients. A patient will likely see a different emergency room doctor with each visit to a hospital.
The provider for the skilled nursing facility will come to know a patient’s short-term and long-term medical history to ensure overall health strategies
are achieved.

3.More Proactive Care
Providers with regular contact with patients can better anticipate changes in health and more quickly take preemptive measures.

4.Peace of mind
Patients and their families can depend on a high level of care that is regularly available. That confidence extends to SNF management. Many common healthcare
issues, that would otherwise require transporting patients to a hospital or clinic, can be addressed at the facility.

5.Increased Value
Patients and families will see a greater value in skilled nursing facilities with specialized providers readily available. This strengthens the brand image
of the SNF, making it more valuable to potential patients and families.

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