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5 Advantages of Choosing SC House Calls as Your Clinical Care Partner

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Today’s healthcare professionals know the everyday challenges of meeting the needs of patients and residents while keeping cost down and maintaining a
stable community for all those under their long-term care.

Those healthcare professionals also know long-term healthcare within assisted living and skilled nursing facilities has been affected by constant changes in the clinical complexity of patients,
demographics, finances, and shifts in the scope of care in various settings.

Keeping this in mind, SC House Calls has made it a priority to help fulfill residents and patients desire to live as independently as possible, for as long as possible, while keeping the stress of off-site treatments,
medications, and hospital admissions to a minimum.

Benefits of SC House Calls Services for Residents, Families, and Our Partners:

Hassle-Free On-Site Services

  • Over the years, long-term stay patients have increased in medical complexity and acuity as a result of many being discharged from the hospital ‘sicker and quicker’. Both of these imperatives have
    resulted in an increased need for highly trained and committed healthcare practitioners willing to provide care on-site to nursing facility residents.

    SC House Calls provides hassle-free visits which eliminate extensive waiting time and the need for off-site transportation, making the patients and care givers experience as simple as possible. In addition, on-site services offer increased preventive care, screening and early detection decreasing further development of patients’ conditions and healthcare costs for the facility.

Comprehensive Patient-Centered Care

  • Good communication with patients, family members and other care professionals is crucial to meeting individuals’ immediate and longer-term care needs.In recognition of the increased need of physician services for skilled nursing facility residents and the vital role that physicians must play in both providing and overseeing care, SC House Calls has worked hard to develop structures and processes that enable a more focused and dedicated patient care. SC House Calls works closely with all involved professionals to ensure that an integrated care management system is in place to meet these needs, whether in either a residential facility or, ideally, the patient’s home.

Simple, Easy Billing

  • Effective and accurate billing is a complex issue in healthcare. This is something that facilities often struggle with due to the time and expertise

    SC House Calls provides full billing services for Medicare and most private insurances with no additional costs, other than customary deductibles and copays.
    Our team of professionals ease the billing process in order to meet financial needs.

Quality Pro-Active Care

  • While hospital admissions are sometimes unavoidable, they can be very distressing for patients and disruptive to other residents and care providers.
    Independence is crucial not just for individuals’ health, but also for the well-being of the whole community.

    SC House Calls believes pro-active care is always preferable to reactive, and regular home or facility visits by SC House Calls’ highly experienced doctors, nurses and
    other specialists can be a great saver of time and stress for patients, residents, and families.

Value-Added Services

  • Comprehensive communication is one of the most important tools for providing great patient care, and we believe it is just as important to us as it
    is to patients and residents.

    To ensure excellent service, we’re on call 24/7 through our Care Call Center where a team of medical professionals are ready to assist patients with
    any questions and concerns. In addition, our online Patient Portal enables easy, remote access to care programs and records. As a clinical care
    partner, we strive to improve patient satisfaction by being the line of communication in a time of need.

SC House Calls Physician Services include skilled nursing facilities, assisted living,
palliative care, and care management. We work
to provide quality care to all involved, improving the overall wellness of residents.

For more information about how SC House Calls can help you, please call us at (800) 491-0909 or contact us online here.


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